by Robert G Targos

People think what I have is very unfair
But with my equipment, I cautiously prepare.
Once I grab hold
I am ready to be bold.
Filled with an effervescent desire
I continue to push myself even higher.

Once my weapons are in hand
Most of my body’s arsenal is at my command.
My knowledge and experience are carefully loaded
And when the time is right, I powerfully exploded.
Out in public, I marched with my sticks
Accompanied by the rhythm of repeated clicks.

I have realized a unique opportunity
To employ a new and clever strategy.
I don’t mind the many staring eyes
Because it allows me to profoundly advertise.
Confident with the knowledge that I will not fall
I proudly continue to walk straight and tall.

Every day I go to war with this extra pair
To change minds and gladly declare,
“I am grateful to be the kind of man
With the ability to carry out this covert plan.”
I have the support of an army
That exists beside my disability.

Therefore, I refuse to cower
And in the face of any obstacle, I will use my crutch power.