The Grinch In-fur-ed

(c) Rob Targos 12/11/21

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch
Your objective is to strangle Christmas with a tight-attitude-strapped cinch.
Your words are sour like Kraut
Your mischievous spider-brain plots to steal the Whoville holiday spirit, so they go without.

You are a grizzly green Grinch
Hoping to make innocent residents flinch.
You use an outfit Santa would wear
To launch a sled in a doggedly, dastardly dare.

With your teddy bear fuzzy features
You wanted to remove goodwill, like a holiday cheer bleacher.
You wanted to suppress joys.
You wanted to silence energetic toys.
And dampen delightful seasonal noise.
Burning in a fireplace of anger that crackling destroys.

Through the WHO houses he stripped all the Christmas flourishing fluff,
The Grinch’s personality was so jaded, that it was sandpaper tough.
And he took what became some black-sooted stuff.
But the community already appreciated that they had enough.

The Grinch left behind what he thought was a bell-ringing body blow.
He cynically waited for the town’s despair to simply overflow.
To his surprise, people valued the presence of others, more than just plain monetary dough.
The Grinch had become an infuriated green gringo.

The chill of his actions left him alone to isolate.
The battle within his body finally set him straight.
The pain he felt caused him to change course.
Fueled by the flip of unexpected emotional remorse,
the Grinch reversed himself and tapped into his scarce strength resource.

With his pear-shaped green fur,
He took back the presents and embraced what the people had to offer.
The Grinch turned an important corner,
When he realized he was no longer a monster.

The Grinch’s food feast churned
And his heart positively burned.
Around people he eventually learned.
Discovering what his spirit ultimately yearned.