Body Building

by Rob Targos (c) 1999

I am filled with the excited anticipation of becoming stronger.
Visions started in my head, because I couldn’t wait any longer.
Finally, I took the opportunity to get out of the wheelchair seat.
I was anxious to show off my energetic feet.

But I could not stand because my legs were so weak.
Months melted my once healthy physique.
Soon my bones began to crumble.
Supported only by shrunk muscles.

The steps I did courageously take,
Did throw my body into a shivering shake.
My foot’s impact hit me like a wrecking ball,
Until I was reduced to another debilitating crawl.

My ego crashed next to my fragile frame,
Left with nothing but atrophy to blame.
After some verbal disgust, a realization suddenly came.
My body is the structure that I must reclaim.

I must construct plans like a careful architect.
And remember to raise myself first, for some respect.
It doesn’t matter how many times I hit the floor,
As long as I am committed to be more powerful than I was before.

With a prolonged program of exercise,
the strength in my legs eventually multiplies.
I feel my muscles gradually rebuild,
As my lower limbs become increasingly skilled.

After I reach every new level,
I feel like such an accomplished rebel.
Blocks build each new story of concrete.
And I feel the need to surpass another challenging feat.

I fell part after my plastering of an operation,
But I used an internal personal determination.
To again establish a solid foundation.
Time and effort are mixed together for a successful rehabilitation.